I doubt IFATC. If possible, it would be great if multiple people could respond

I flew Japan air 9952 to Tokyo Haneda Airport as a return flight from Incheon, which is the feature airport of July 6, 2020. When approaching Haneda and descending smoothly to runway 22, another aircraft approached my equipment! When it was the first time, there was no difference of 2000 ft with 0 miles. I was finalizing the final sentence, and I was invading the finals first. I attached the call sign of a large group of IFs, so I thought that it should be a report and reported it. Regarding the equipment, it was only dangerous because there was no renewal with control and no final sentence. Please take immediate action (replays etc. are prepared)


Are you talking about separation with the other aircraft?

2000ft is good, minimum separation IFR rules are of 3nm horizontally or 1000ft vertically


2,000 vertical feet of separation is the accepted minimum for altitudes above 29,000 feet, and 1,000 vertical feet is the minimum for lower altitudes.

I think he means they both were at 2000 ft, min. horiz. separation and he was the first on final.
Controller have to clarify


Do you remember who your controller was?

Was “Flight of 2” or any number in your callsign

Don’t want to confuse the situation as there already seems to be some issues with what is being asked.

But 1,000 feet is the separation minimum for RVSM airspace (applies to North America, Europe, most of Asia and many other locations)


Hi, IFATC here

As long as user didn’t have an inappropriate callsign or wasn’t explicitly trolling no violations will be issued after the incident.

From what you said it sounds like someone ended up on top of you or below on final. When this happens, plane at lower altitude has right of way, so if horizontal separation is not established in time, plane on top go around.

P.S. same thing if this happens on intersecting runways. Also, this does not permit someone at a lower altitude to cut off a plane at a higher altitude and force them to go around.


I actually think he meant he was directly above/below someone on final (which means higher plane should go around)

Thank you for your reply! First of all, when I translated the sentence I wrote, some nuances could be taken differently, so I will correct it. I’m sorry. It’s about getting into the same runway at the same time, rather than getting away from another plane. I made a contact (UNIKOM) to ATC, but the other party did not.

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Thank you for your reply! First of all, when I translated the sentence I wrote, some nuances could be taken differently, so I will correct it. I’m sorry. I think your response is the most correct for me. However, an airplane that was 3000ft above me entered the final approach at the same time as me. I haven’t contacted the control of other airplanes (UNIKOM), so I thought it should be a report.

Excuse me. You have not answered my question. Isn’t it strange because I had another plane that was approaching at the same time when I made the final approach to the airport and that plane isn’t in contact with control? Is saying

Not a piece of equipment with the flight of 2 callsign I’m Japan air 9952 and the opponent is AIVA? I think it was!

Hello! Thank you for your reply 😊 There was no controller (UNIKOM) Therefore, I think GO around was awkward and it was dangerous to try to enter at the same time as me. There is a replay.

So you are saying that there was another aircraft on final Runway 22, which is the runway you were trying to land on as well? And I assume you are upset because this person was not contacting Tokyo Unicom while on approach, and didn’t have enough spacing between you?

As @sqeezelemon said above, unless he has an inappropriate call sign there would be no violation occurred to him. Even if it’s Expert server if it’s not controlled it’s the same as casual server. Sorry but nothing we can do.

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Did he land on top of you?

Could you provide us with the replsy so we don’t need to keep guessing whst happened?


Hello, I’m trying my best to help others (who are no doubt more qualified than me) understand your request/ question…

So, are you saying:

No ATC and only Unicom, was the condition at time of incident? And if so:

  • You are asking a feature for something similar as the Fingers Frequency? Where you could directly notify the other plane? ( “Dangerous… no final sentence” / “multiple/other party could respond…” )

  • Or are you describing a past event and wish for someone to notify a player involved in your incident?

Apologies in advance if I’m not getting it right. Are any of the above statements correct? Cheers!