I don't want touch down on airport

I’ve playing IF as ATC and sometime some player just do tounch and go. What should I do if I don’t want anyone to do tounch and go? It is on training server.


On Training Server there isn’t much you can do about it. Tell them “Cleared to Land” and not “Cleared for the Option”.

But as it’s TS, they will do what they want as sad as it is. I don’t like it either but as there is no reporting system in place and besides the basic violations, rules won’t be enforced as it is Training… I see your point. You can’t learn properly as pilots don’t follow commands and user experience is bad as well because most of the time it’s just chaos.

But as I said, sadly we can’t do much about it. Try to get into IFATC. Expert Server is like a different world.


yeah you are right. ATc doesn’t have much power as Ex. I think they should add " No touch and go in this airport" or it should be “No patter work at this time”


In edition to what @Marc has mentioned, if you are planning on becoming IFATC, then you will have access to ATIS which you can select ‘No Pattern Work Allowed’.

Apart from that there isn’t much you can do on training server. I personally would just use it as good practice.


That what I said but since they don’t know what is that mean for don’t have knowlege, they will just ignore it

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Since it is training server some pilots might not be necessarily ignoring your instructions, they may be new to aviation and might not understand what some terms mean, hence the name ‘Training Server’.

If they don’t listen, then just use it as good practice to get use to the ATC commands and build your knowledge on ATC procedures in regards to pattern work. :)


Understand! Thank you for your advice!

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Not a problem at all. If you ever have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask, and I’m sure someone here will have the answer you are looking for. :)

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This is what i did when i wasn’t an IFATC member.
1 - in misc messages there is “no pattern work accepted at this time”
Give them a landing clearance.
2 - broadcast every now and then “attention all aircraft, Tower is not accepting pattern work at this time”!
Hope this helps!


I propose we limit our “it’s on Training Server, there’s nothing you can do”. I realise we can’t enforce much, but let’s not forget to first focus on the instructions that are available for the ATC.

Good advice from @Oliver02

In general it’s good to ask yourself to why you would not allow touch and goes. As ATCs it’s good to try to be accommodating to pilots.


That depends on why.

If it’s just because you don’t want them to, then you should reconsider.

Only if it’s actually related to too heavy a volume of traffic or low visibility should you bar patterns.

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Wait how about saying “deny enter” at that time…
Don’t know if that’s correct tho

It depends.

Assuming that no Patternwork is justified:

If they’re coming from elsewhere, there’s no need to deny. You can tell them no patterns, but still allow a touch and go. As long as they depart after. That’s not pattern work. If they then persist, you tell them no patterns and then deny entry. But not on the first pass. Only subsequent passes.

If they takeoff wanting patterns, then you say no Patternwork and deny entry if they persist.

Of course, it’s TS, so good luck with that, but…

Anyway, still, patterns should be allowed unless traffic volume is too high or visibility is low. Obviously never at KLAX on TS, it’s just too crazy. But when I was training, I used to control patterns at KONT all the time (still regions in those days). They should never be denied because the controller doesn’t feel like it.


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