I don't understand what I did wrong in flight with ATC

I was on 10 mils final RWY 28 at KATL around 19:37 Z with call sing DL1543, and I connect with tower after I was told to change frequency to tower by APP and I said “ATL tower xxx is 13 miles at 4000ft, inbound with info B requesting RWY 28(Because I was told APP to expect ILS28 and cleared on ILS 28 by APP)”. After that I was told to check user guide. I was so confused what I did wrong because I’ve been sending same tower every time I fly Towered airport and didn’t say waring message to me from tower. If I should’t request RWY, I get it and I’ll stop. IF it’s anything else, please teach me so I won’t do same thing again. Thank you.

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Hey Yuki! When cleared for an ILS approach, you must call in on the ILS. So instead of saying “inbound for landing…”, you would say “inbound on the ILS…”. Same thing for visual and GPS approaches. If you’re not cleared for an approach, you would do exactly what you did. Hope this helped!


Don’t forget you can always contact the controller reported/warned you for more info

Okay. I understand that. I’ll be careful with that. Thank you for help!

It’s good that you want to learn from your mistakes! Those values make you a better person and pilot!

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How do I contact to person who was non ATC by mailing or sending DM in here community?

I believe I was your controller - feel free to PM me!

Oh were you LOL. You already solve a problem that I had and I was able to learn from it so Thank you so much!

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PM the controller for further questions