I don't understand Missions

I don’t understand Missions.

I picked the Casual server, then Missions, then looked for a Dash-8 mission. Found one, KALB to KMIA. Loaded it and looked at the flight plan. There was only the starting and ending airports, no SID, STAR, or other waypoints in the flight plan. Didn’t see the point. I was also locked into the Dash-8 - couldn’t select a different aircraft.

I toggled to the Expert server, but the KALB to KMIA mission had disappeared from the list of missions. I toggled back to the Casual server, and the mission had now disappeared from the list of missions there too. But a new Dash-8 mission from VOCB to VOMM now appeared on the list.

I just don’t get the point of Missions. Why isn’t there a single, stable master list of missions for all servers? Why do missions appear and disappear every time a different server is selected? Why do flight plans contain only the starting and ending airports?

Sorry, I just don’t see any practical use for Missions right now. Am I wrong about all this?


right now mission flight plans don’t come with SIDs and STARs. You can of course create your own flight plan and load it in. Keep in mind this is only the first version, future iterations might come with flight plans preloaded.

Missions are curated with specific routes, aircraft and airports in mind. That’s why you can’t change aircraft. If you want to do the routes with specific aircraft you can always use the “free flight” feature.

Missions are cycled in and out every so often to keep routes changing and fresh. Once again you can always utilize Free Flight to fly wherever you want.


This is because the missions are regenerated according to the server. On Expert and Training, they are generated to include ATC services airports. On Casual and Solo, they are fairly random, but include 3D airports.

This is certainly something that will be improved with more updates. This is only the first iteration of missions, so improvements will definitely be made


Apparently you never will. There is nothing to understand. Read the blog. It is a WIP.

Nothing to understand. They are working on it. Use the “ideas” and “explore” – learn some new routes, aircraft, and liveries – while they try to distract you from the fact that basically nothing else important or dynamic is happening in the sim :-)

Enjoy. And make your own flight plans with SIDs and STARs. Do some work to make it more interesting.

Not that bad, actually – not saying I haven’t played in Missions :-)


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