I don't understand about the beta

I would like you to put the beta thing in the general game, not download an app to have a limit I see it quite bad and I would like to change that

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What would be the point if that? Then it’s just a full release update if they add it to the core app. On android it works more like you described where it’s an early update for the app for those who sign up, having to download TestFlight is something your going to want to blame Apple for.

At this time you can’t download the beta, the update is rolling to the app stores now!

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See it this way : the effort requested is to deliver accurate explanations of the bug you encounter in the beta it isn’t a simple process

It’s kind of a filter to have people take extra steps.

In another way, some would argue that the Apple store is worst than the Play store :p

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Thanks for your suggestion. We run the beta to help us optimise the Infinite Flight app and our servers before release, and we have our own internal metrics to decide how to carry this out in a way that doesn’t disrupt development (including tester limits).

This was our first large Open Beta so we have definitely taken notes for next time! The update is now rolling out on the stores though so I hope you get to try it out soon :)