I don't think we fully appreciate the work the devs are doing (let me explain)

I just want to preface this by saying two things. Firstly, I think this is one of the best mobile games ever made. I’m really into aviation and I always try to make every flight as realistic as possible. The developers of infinite flight are also incredibly dedicated and its shocking to me how much effort has been put into the game since I started playing it around 2017.

Secondly, I think Infinite Flight has a great community of like minded people and I’ve never had a bad experience when interacting with anyone here, in the game or on the IF Instagram page.

However, I do think there is one problem. When a big bit of news comes out, the top comments are always “wow, amazing work!” or “can’t wait to fly this!” and then you scroll down further and are met with “I want this livery!” or “why is this livery in the game when we don’t even have this one yet!” or “why are they reworking the A330 when the A380 hasn’t been touched in years!”

This kind of thing always makes me so sad because imagine you were the IF developer who worked for like 20 hours on the KLM livery for the A333 for example and the only comments in response to your work are “I WANT TAP A330 LIVERY!” It would be soul crushing.

I think if you have a request for a livery or aircraft, put in in the correct place and keep the comments section of posts for positive feedback or a friendly discussion with another member of the community.

It mightnt be my place to say but I think it’s an important discussion because a sneak peak of a new aircraft coming to game is ALWAYS met with criticm and people are always looking for something else. People also bring hate for no reason and even sometimes give out about not having a livery that is either already in the game or doesn’t operate the A333. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Keep up the good work, IF.


Theres too much talk about aircraft paint schemes, I’ll agree with you on that 😉

But there are way too many feature requests that have not been delivered, and there needs to be a development focus in a range of areas… 3D buildings obviously is the big one now, but there needs to be work on balancing the range of aircraft types (eg new regional turboprops, light twins) and improving the flight characteristics of some aircraft.

So the constant clamour for more paint schemes for aircraft is not helpful.

Also there needs to be work on improving the ATC system to give more sustained and reliable service.

So theres a few focus areas that need attention. Also this is not a cheap subscription app… Theres a lot of money coming in to it, so we should expect more work and improvements and demand that as the paying customers. But there has to be a balance to the priorities…


I have to agree with you here. Aircraft aren’t the only requirement for improving the game but this is more difficult to do when the community is responsible for deciding what comes next.

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yeah @mcgregni is right, IF do an amazing job however we are lacking certain types of planes like regional jets/turboprops e.g. reworked Q400, Q300/Q200, ERJ 135/140/145, ATR 42/72 and Saab 340 etc. the focus for the last few years has been on long haul aircraft.


This is so true but IF is updated based on what the community requests and right now when IF shows us a pic of a new A333 livery, everyone gives about other liveries not being in the game

yeah, which people should not be doing at all

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Nope, it’s not.
It plays a part of it, but it’s definitely not the only factor playing in.

If that were the case, we would have nothing but A350’s, 777’s etc etc. Definitely not the Xcub, C-130 and so on :)


There are loads of feature requests for new turboprops and light twins, and no action is being taken. Are we saying that is because there are more votes for A330 liveries?

I say its up to the developers to judge and choose a balance of priorities… By now there should have been at least one new regional turboprop to open up a huge number of great shorter route options.

The way ATC is working now means that shorter range aircraft are needed more than ever!

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You can’t compare a livery to a full aircraft. Two very different things :)

Not disagreeing with you though.


No I wasn’t comparing them, I was questioning the suggestion that development of new aircraft was being delayed by all the votes for new liveries 😁… Yes, that’s a good one!

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It’s not being delayed due to that, so don’t worry :)


Only in certain limited areas…

In other ways they neglect important aspects, such as long overdue improvements to flight stability characteristics of certain aircraft (especially just at touchdown and liftoff… CRJ-900, C208, Q400 I’m looking at you…), bringing the forementioned long overdue turboprops and light twins into the app, fixing bugs like the taxiway lines painting themselves, and providing a framework for a more sustained and reliable ATC system.

Thats what I mean by a balance of priorities, and there should be a constant focus and push forwards in all those areas.

It should not be necessary to sing high praises and give thankyous at every opportunity… I believe they are being paid for it.

Rest assured I was under no such illusion 😉


If I can offer my opinion related to this matter I agree and disagree with some points you made
IF it is a SIM but it is also a game. People are enthusiastic when they see something they like and everyone has their way ↕️ to express their feelings. And IF team 👥 they are aware of that.
And somewhere on the site says “enthusiastic”. You cannot be upset over this. You have your own to see it and people 👥 have another way to see it. For some, this is a pass time and others take it seriously. That’s why it is 3 servers.
Usually, people that end up making request where they don’t suppose to, they don’t scroll 📜 around too much on the community. Even me 'till this day my knowledge 📕 on how to go and do here and there, here(community) is limited.
The point that I’m trying to make is that IF team they are aware of this. They have meetings about how this decision will impact the community.
It is business 👔, that’s why when there is a bug it’s quickly fixed 🔧
Try to do your part to the community which I believe is great work 💼
And above all else, do not forget not everyone here has the same age.

Unless you’re an actual pilot of these - how do you know they’re not like this in real life?
We’ve had real world pilots of all of these aircraft provide input of the characteristics, and it may not be spot on in all of the cases. But it’s not as dramatically off as some like to say it is.


Its just about their stability at the critical moments… They are very ‘twitchy’ and over susceptable to wind effect, almost like they’ve got no inertia or weight. In the air I think they’re fine 👍

I only flew PA-28s and Archers in real life, I never experienced any sort of zigzagging, veering, or other craziness like I sometimes get with the sim and these aircraft… And they all are far heavier than a Piper Warrier

That’s because aircraft behaves very differently close to the ground than they do in the air. The aerodynamics change as the air won’t be able to pass freely under the aircraft in the same way, since there ground is there :)

I’m personally not saying that it’s either right or wrong here. Just reminding that you have to see it from different perspectives. Just because you think something is wrong, doesn’t mean it is unless you actually have real life first hand experience :)


What we need is good stable sim models that behave realistically in the sim… The real world doesnt really matter… We dont hear constant reports in the news of Q400s and C208s veering off runways or careering left off the centerline just after rotating.

I may have to practice more, but inprovements should be made to make it easier on mobie devices… Too many flights can be spoiled in terms of realism because of these difficulties

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Right… But if the real world doesn’t really matter, how do you know what’s a realistic behavior for the aircraft?


As I said, its the stability at liftoff and touchdown mainly… How do I know they’re not that in real life?? Thats easy, if they were they would have all been grounded 😊