I dont see other planes.

I was just happy to get my iPhone back from repair then able to play without any lag! but i have a problem. I dont see other members planes i have all required config to show them…

I am on iPhone 6

its probably the 787 planes that the andriod users are using
since ios didnt get the update, the plane doesnt render in your screen

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Ooooh i understaaand
I just dont have download all airplanes !!

Sorry guys


They was A320 etc…

That’s not the problem, the map shows small aircraft icons, a 787 would have that “A380 icon”

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no the 787 uses the small plane icon

Really? Im an IOS user and i see the “unknown” aircrafts (787) with the big plane icon lol

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That’s wierd…

that is because your android IOS people see unknown in aircraft type and see the a380 icon now you know :)

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