I don't like flying

I only like to run atc it seems this will be a major issue ranking up and moving to the expert server.

As a student my self I find more fun in traffic control

Great! Ifyou are grade 3 why not try https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/infinite-flight-atc-recruiting/217147/4 contact @Tyler_Shelton for info or



I understand this:

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You do have to be tl1 to be ifatc though so wait until that happens

Unfortunately I have to fly to make grade 3 despite how many ops I have

Just to add on to @Ondrej: It doesn’t have to be Tyler, any one of those recruiters will do.


Unless I’m mistaken

No you’re not see the thread @Ondrej posted

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Wow that’s really rare for some one to prefer ATC over flying. That’s commendable lol

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Yes, you will have to fly until you reach grade 3. However, you should see this as an opportunity. You get to experience what the pilots are doing when you control them. It is very important to understand how each plane flies if you want to be IFATC. For example, when you have a C208 and an A380 both on final, you need to know how to treat those planes differently. So yes, you will need to fly, and keep flying while you are IFATC to maintain your grade. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is the rule.
If you really do not have time, or just do not want to fly flights, you can always fly 30-minute patterns at airports until you reach the amount of landings required.

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Well, you just got tl1 now

I really do enjoy it. We have a redbird sim at the office so this doesn’t live up to the comparison. If you know what I mean

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Yea I get that the average person may not understand the runway requirements for an 380 heavy to t/o land or clear along with many other factors in comparison of a c208 or even a 74. It’s just a little remedial personally to fly touch n gos in pattern for x amount of time or to set ap for x amount of time.

Good with the bad I suppose

I understand, and believe me the staff are very much aware of the current grading issues. For now though, if you want to become IFATC, which it seems like you really do, you will have to reach grade 3. But honestly, it’s not too much work if you space it out.

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