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「Request frequency change」is, when do you use?

A little while ago, when i take off the WMKK of Expert server. when I request a 「Request Frequency Change」, it was said to “check the help page.”

Is it my mistake?
I at that time, it was just before leaving from the Airspace.
“Request Frequency Chnge” is, do you use when you leave the airspace?
I thought that to use away from the Airspace.
My English is poor, but please tell me.

Thank you.image

The controller is the one responsible to give you a frequency change. You’re not supposed to ask for a frequency change.

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You asked to remain in the pattern and by looking at your altitude and freq change request it seemed like you departed his airspace.

@IF-JPN Check this tutorial to see what remaining in the pattern means:

Remaining In The Pattern Tutorial

If you want to fly away, request a departure.


That’s your solution. If you want to fly to another airport do not say your remaining in the pattern. If you are unclear of your bearings (North, South, East, West) then choose “Departing straight out”

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@CptNathanHope @LSZH34 @Eric_Jordy

Ok. I learned a lot. Thank you very much.
All the way until now, I did not select the “Departure”.
Thank you.


No problem my friend. We are here to help. Safe landings ✈️

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yea, I was the controller… you request for remaining in the pattern… I had couple other aircraft that did the same thing… just hate when that thing happens


“The controller is the one responsible to give you a frequency change. You’re not supposed to ask for a frequency change.”

This is false. If you are flying to another airport you can and should ask for a frequency change if you don’t have anything more to ask from the controller (for example a request departure north, West, South, East). This way we can get you out of our atc list and we know that we don’t need to put our focus on you anymore.

After requesting a frequency change, and when it is accepted, change to another frequency, do not stay on the frequency.


What is false ?
It is true, that you should not request a take off with remaining in the pattern, if you want to leave the airspace.
It is true, that you have to request a departure, when tou want to leave the pattern - before you leave the frequency. In this cas ATC will give you the permission to change frequency, you don’t have to ask)

(it is true, too, that this “remaining in the pattern” is very annoying for ATC, when it’s used erroneously)

[edit: if you request a take off without remaining in the pattern, you will get the permission to change the frequency at the right time. Again you don’t have to ask for changing the frequency ]


are you an expert controller?

He was going to take off and get out of my airspace but he asked for remaining in the pattern… how could you say that after asking for remaining in the pattern and took off than just asking for frequency change?

My comment was about whether or not a pilot should request for a frequency change.

@LSZH34 had the correct answer regarding the original topic in this post.

Yes I’m a controller on the expert server.


Uhm… Since when?

Maybe change the title to something fitting the actual situation.

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I would agree - a pilot should not need to ask for permission to leave the frequency ?

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