I don't know why I recieved "Please check the User guide" message when on approach in Sydney

When I got cleared for ILS approach and handed off from approach to tower, I called inbound and requested the runway for which I was cleared. Then, I received the aforementioned message. This happened to me twice, and I was not established on the localiser at the time I asked for clearance to land. I am therefore curious to why I received the message mentioned in the title. Can someone please explain what I did incorrectly? I would like to improve my ATC communication skills. Thank you.

Do you happen know the name of the controller? Or perhaps what time this occurred? Let’s get in touch with the controller.

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Did you say inbound on the ILS?

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I did not! That is probably it.

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@Choccymilk is the current ground, tower, and ATIS controller, and @nicopizarro is the current radar controller. Nico has been on for an hour, Choccy has been on for 24 minutes. If either of these names sound familiar, shoot them a PM!

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I remember the names of the controllers at the time. This happened to me twice and I am reviewing both replays.

He shouldn’t be handed off to tower until the aircraft is fully intercepted. Let’s not spread misleading information here, please.


I was one of your controllers. I will send you a PM to discuss about it and I’ll add @Choccymilk :)

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In that case, please do send those controllers private messages as to receive clarification. Thanks!


@AGSilver_04 , I give you huge kudos for reaching out on the community. So many times we send the “check user guide message”, but deep down, we know most pilots don’t care. So thank you, for making a genuine effort to grow as a pilot. It really does mean a lot to us. Well done!😁


Controller reached