I don't know where to put this but in really curious

What is your favorite flight simulator game? (Infinite flight counts)

Mine is X-Plane 10 because it’s for Mac and I own one. I’ll be getting it tonmorow, along with the joystick (purchased by my dad) today.

X-Plane 10 is my favorite as well.

Ill actually use VATSIM. I think it connects us to multiplayer too. If not then I’ll try IVAO out.

I’d bet if you made a poll and said mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight would win every time, hence the forum you posted this on.


PC: Microsoft FS 2015

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X-Plane 10 :) I fly VATSIM ;D

I’ve tried FSX, but I think it’s more like a game than a simulator, the aerodynamics are way off… You have no feeling of flight…

However, I fly in this quite regularely, it’s P3D which I think is great!! (It’s a EASA/FAA certified, full size, only real parts, £300,000/$610,000 B378 simulator)


Do you own that simualtor???

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What exactly is MS FS 15? Are you referring to FSX with addons? Or maybe Microsoft Flight?

No but a dear friend of mine does :) It’s the best privately owned simulator in Norway, maybe even Europe! And it’s located 100 meters from where I live :P I get to fly in it as much as I want, and it’s certified for CPL training!

I don’t think so, they are real B738 seats from a scrapped aircraft, and they’re covered in wool, so i hardly think so :P

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Great! So, did they build it DIY or was it bought from a company that build flight sims?
I plan on building a simualtor similar to this, though I’m not sure whether to go DIY or source a company, due to the fact that I am very busy with work and building could be too time consuming. I’m not sure how much it will cost but my savings are building up and I hope to get it in the 150-250k GBP region.

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It was made by one man, with NO prior skills in anything! He has a PPL, he’s not an electrician or anything either, but he actually just wanted to build a good simulator, and the idea expanded I guess… :P

Well I guess they’re flame resistant then!! :P BTW the shell is a real B738 shell shipped from the states! He has used NO DIY parts, even replicas aren’t good enough! :P

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2015

I’m sorry,what? I have heard of no such thing!

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Look it up

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I’ve got a MacBook Pro. I would love having FSX, but without Bootcamp I can’t download it.
They say it’s much better then X Plane, so I’m not going to spend money for it… For now…

Infinite Flight is my favorite.

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I have done so but failed to uncover a software known as MS FS 15, other than FSX with addons (That youtube channel that always posts videos of FSX with a huge array of addons). Could you care to point me to a like that will show me this software please? Many thanks.