I don't know what happened

I was landing in EDDF specifically runway 25C with A320 i set 25C ils on NAV1 and was doing a good appr ,suddenly the autopilot go up very quickly and made a very very hard landing I don’t know what happened.
P.S : i don’t turn off the autopilot during the appr .

Thank you

What was your speed while landing? What was your weight?

Sorry to hear about the hard landing Duarte, it sounds pretty frustrating. Someone on here should be able to help understand what happened, but they will probably require a few more details.

Would you be able to share the replay of your landing in addition to answering Brenden’s questions? You can use http://www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com/ to upload the replay video.

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Where do I send the file ?

You should be able to post the link it provides on here to share

I was about 135 knots and 14,000kg total at the beginning

Hmm. It did smash into the ground. A few questions if you can remember them:

  • Was APPR on in the ‘AP’ board?
  • was ALT on?
  • in ‘NAV’ were you set to NAV1 rather than GPS?

Thank you for sharing the video - it is very helpful to be able to see what happened.

Based on what I saw, I think there are two things at play here (it could be something else depending on your answers to Ecoops questions):

  1. It looks like you were above the glideslope for most of the approach, and finally intersected it at 780-800ft. When that happened, the AP tried to stabilize on the glidescope and ended up overcorrecting, which is why it pitched up, down, up, etc. and ended up slamming the aircraft into the ground. I don’t know why the AP is so overzealous (you can vote for improvement here Smooth Autopilot Transitions), but it is key to make sure you engage APPR when you are already on the glidescope to prevent this from happening.

  2. You were probably going 3-5kts slower than would be ideal during that approach based on how much the nose was pitched up throughout. That created a condition where and inputs to the controls (like the pitch up from the AP) necessitated immediate and aggressive changes in throttle input to maintain lift, which in turn led to more overcorrections. It would have been fine without the AP mixup, but in the future you may want to give yourself a little more buffer to play with.

Hopefully that is helpful. Good luck with future landings, and I’d encourage you to give manual landing a try! It is much more fun when the AP can’t mess it up for you!

APPR on AP is on

The ALT was off

No I don’t change the Source GPS to NAV1

Thanks for helping me .


This is what you need to do. You were probably still locked onto your Flightplan to the runway.

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