i dont hear atc sound for solo play

i cant hear atc sound for solo play in my iphone 6 ios 9.0.2 with if 15.08.3

There is no ATC with solo

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so how to get atc sound for free , im not playing live

ATC only works on LIVE!

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Listen to LiveATC, for the airports you are using. I have done that a few times, it’s actually pretty cool.

oke dude tq, btw im new, i juts download that game last night, can some one give me tutorial link or something, cause im so confuse because i see in youtube that after we control the flight plan and we fly it the plane will autopilot to the destination, why in my infinite flight the plane with autopilot just straight?

i see in youtube thats a lot of video that people play the infinite flight with solo mode but there is a atc sound of people, but why in my infinite flight solo there is no sound of that people (atc)

Autopilot is available. Use at AP button. It just will set either Speed, Direction, Altitude, Climb Rate or all of the above. They are toggle buttons. You must use the map for directional info. Select the help page function or search ‘Tutorial’ on this site.

is there any minimun alt speed or atc that make the autopilot work, or can you give me info how to mame a game plan in map tq

Sorry I don’t understand your question.

There is no live ATC on solo hence it not being ‘live’.

If you want realistic ATC noise on solo, I suggest you put on a background video/sound clip from a website such as YouTube etc. That might help to make it realistic.