I don't have sound of pilots

The title said all, I try to restart but nothing change

In order for us to better assist you, could you please provide more information about the problem and some device information such as OS and device type/maker.

Yes of course
So when I use the atc, I don’t have the voice of the atc or of the other pilots, but the sound of engine I have, I am on android and I have a huawai p8 lite 2017

Oh ok, so you can’t hear the ATC-Pilot communication, but you have game sound effects (engines etc)
This happens to me from time to time when I leave the app, normally a restart fixes it. Stated in your title you’ve restarted, have you restarted the app( force stop then relaunch) or just started a new flight?

Is your ringer off? If so, please turn it on.

Okay I try

No I have all on

Ok, then restart and get back to us.

It work it now, thanks you


Glad you figured it out, enjoy!

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