I don’t understand what 90 days means on your stats

What does it mean, thanks!

Not exactly sure your question. 90 days means 90 days past from the day you’re looking at your stats

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In a 90 day period. So from today and going back the last 90 days I have X amount of landings for example.

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So if haven’t flew between 90 days I lose my grade?

Yes, that is correct.

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Oh ok do I have to keep flying every week or whenever I want to fly?

Just as you do, you have to keep flying. 90 days is three months. Basically, every day will count as a day.

Say, you had 1 landing on January 1, that stat would be gone, 3 months later on April 1

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Ok so as long as I fly between 3 months I’m good?

Yes, as long as you fly the required number of hours, make the required number of landings, etc. in the past 90 days, you should be okay.

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