I don’t understand these ATC commands

Why did atc have me descend to 15,000 ft when I was more than 200 miles from the airport? Then lower a little later on. I filed a flight plan that used the proper arrival and approach heights.

I was dumbfounded and annoyed so I diverted elsewhere.

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Hi Nigel! Welcome the the forum. That seems like that was on the training server. Unfortunately not all the controllers are trained for ATC on this server. If you want a professional ATC experience I suggest to visit the expert server with trained controllers. Almost all users have the ability to control on the training server needing no prior knowledge on how to work it’s functions. Expert server controllers are tested to make sure they are professional enough to control on the expert server.


Hi, there Welcome to the community I recommend checking the user guide and IF you tube channel for help.

I believe he understands the commands, it was the controller that gave him the wrong commands and he could not understand why.

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If your on the ts you can take all the atc requests with a pinch of salt. If it looks like it make sense il happily oblige, if they they try to vector you round the houses for no decent reason then I just ignore them 👍

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