I don’t understand how you guys do it 😂

I mean man, i’ll do ATC on training server from time to time and I just can’t keep up. Even if there’s 10 Aircrafts. It’s impressive what you guys can do, even on a game! Anyways much appreciated what you guys do and take the time out of your day to help us get to our destination(s). 🤙🤙


So rare, unfortunately ( 😂), to see nice feedback to everyone! I think what many people don’t realise is that we practice a lot and we don’t open as randomly as those in the training server. We all communicate constantly when open and call in backup when getting a bit overloaded. So it’s cliché, but it is a team effort!

We appreciate you too! See you around again soon I’m sure! :)


I’m surprised! You guys deserve it, it’s a lotta work.

Thanks a lot for those kind words. The path to becoming IFATC is really very well organized any. Plus it requires tremendous amounts of training, making mistakes and learning from the mistakes.
I joined IFATC not long ago and I would very happily say that it is such an awesome experience there. More than controlling I feel like everyone there is like a family whom we could always reach out too when in need.

Thanks again for those kind words and hope to see you in the sky soon!!


Well done, hope you enjoy it. I was gonna go for it but man… it gets exhausting. I think i’d rather stay a Pilot for now. Anyways hope it all goes well! Hope to cya sometime!


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