I don’t need compensation!

I don’t feel the need for any compensation from Infinite Flight they are working hard to fix the issue I’m sure . But I would really appreciate any violations received in this period be taking off bc I have had one the whole time I have been a member and I got two in one day and it was due to these issues it’s frustrating when you are one of the players that treat every flight as a real flight meaning always respectful to other players and personally I try to always fly by the FAA rules and REGS I do in real life and to receive these violations when your attempting to move up a grade bc you out time in the game or try to join IFATC you can’t bc you had two violations due to game crashes or not being able to flow ATC instruction due to flying your plane not hearing or seeing those instructions really is frustrating to people who respect the rules . So keep up the hard work guys I know it’s a mess but the whole crew in my eyes has done and will continue to do a fantastic job resolving the issue . Everyone needs realize one issue can cause 100 more and the effort INFINITE FLIGHT puts into this game is astronomical so it will be fixed just give it time ladies and gentlemen


Yeah i agree with you. Its even hard when I control on the expert server. That’s why I havent been controlling for a while.

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Hello, sorry to hear about this.

You can actually try to appeal your violation and get it reversed if a valid reason is provided by simply contacting @appeals.


Feel free to contact @appeals and we will be happy to assist you.