I don’t know why ATC asked me to check tutorials

Today I was doing doing touch and goes on an airport in a cessna 208 that didn’t have much traffic coming in. But after about 5 landings, 3 planes were on final and ATC instructed me to do a left 360° turn for spacing. I did as I was told, and eventually, the planes landed. But then after all traffic had cleared and I was doing the 360’s, ATC told me to check tutorials on the forum, and I have no idea why… someone please help!

DISCLAIMER: ATC did not ghost me, just told me to check tutorials on the forum.

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Sounds like you did multiple 360’s. If this is the case, you only need to do one 360 in the direction that ATC instructs you to do so.


Really? Only one?

Yeah only one, as it’s for spacing. If they require you to do more, they will instruct you to do so.


Ohhh okay. Now I get it

Hello, I was the controller. So yes I sent this as you where doing more than one 360. Sorry, i may have chosen the wrong command for this instance.

And would never ghost as it is a very specific mistake that is completely understandable from my end 😉


No no you’re fine! It was a learning experience! (Also thank you for doing what you do I greatly appreciate it)

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No problem👍 You learn from your mistakes as I also learn from mine 😂 and if you are wondering why the 360? I saw you turn base 1NM from the aircraft you were sequenced behind and were around the same speeds so easiest for the 360 as no other inbounds were present also 👍

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Ohh okay, smart move! (And kinda dumb of me to turn base 1NM away from that air China) 😂 also I said 3 aircraft because I don’t have that good of memory

All good!!! Happy flying 👍

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You too, keep up the great work!

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