I don’t know if I’m ghosted or not

Hello IFC! I was flying on the Expert Server SoCal today, I put my flight into AutoNAV mode using my BootCamp Mac and left the flight to do some homework. I came back and found myself out of the region stalling but when I exited the flight session and restarted the app, I realized that I was still Grade 4. Just to make sure, can a mod check my information? I was flying with callsign American 240 and my username is IFC Alpster. Thanks!

Why is this in features? I think it should be in #support or #live
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I’ve taken care of that.

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If you were stalling, it was most likely because you were going too far out of the region, not a ghosting.

Maybe a glitch with LiveFlight? Or maybe it disconnected because of poor connection?

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If you were ghosted you would have been a Grade 2 or less. Could you maybe include a picture of your live stats?

If you were ghosted you wouldn’t be Grade 4

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But mods said if you try to go out the region your exp will reset. Nothing happened like that.

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Sure, I’ll take a screenshot :)

Awesome. That’ll help us figure out what really happened. What grade did you have starting the flight?

You will stall and crash before you go completely far away from the region

I’ve checked and I still maintain my Grade 4 and exp. A mod can close this now :)

As mentioned, if you were ghosted you would be Grade 2 or below :)

Oh, i was scared that I’ll be ghosted for the same thing again 2nd time.

If you were way out of the region, and not a beta tester, your Xp would reset for region jumping, or something like that, contact a mod for further help.

Here’s the screenshot if anyone needs it :P