I don’t know how to explain this

Uploading: F391554A-7735-4C5A-9F9C-103F32CC65D6.png…

Device:iPhone 12
Operating system:15.5

I don’t know why it’s not uploading

You’ll have to wait for it to upload before posting the thread.

I have been waiting for almost a minute

It stays on 100% but doesn’t upload

You’ll know that it’s fully uploaded once it goes from [UPLOADING] to !image.

Either way, without the image, we won’t know what’s the issue unless you’re willing to describe it to us.

I do understand that but it’s stuck on 100% uploading

There we go

So this isn’t actually an issue. I believe that for quite some time, this area was under construction in the real world and so it was barricaded off with spawns removed in Infinite Flight. While this might have already been put back into operation in the real world, I’m unsure that has been replicated in Infinite Flight.


Ah okay I just thought it was a visual bug but that’s fine thank you

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