I don’t have all the badges I should do

I don’t have all the badges I should do and am wondering when they will appear

Just wait and see have patience 😁

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Actually is there any particular badges your missing?

Yeah it’s the golden topic badge

I’m sure it just takes a while to update
Patience is key

But if had the topic up for a while with over 50 likes

You must be pending because two topics of yours have it

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No the golden on the one above it the we are on the top paid games list topic has 84 likes but still no badge infact two topics have over 50 likes and still now badge

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Looks like you had it granted ages ago, August and September

See I also have gained this badge but the badge is grey it’s the way it’s supposed to be

There’s another one

This one and I still haven’t got it

You have to have 50 or more likes on your first post of that topic to get the ‘great topic’ badge. In this case, the sum total of the likes on the first post as well as the comments is 84 :)

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Oh really?

Yes. You must have 50 likes on the first post of the topic to get the ‘great topic’ badge. The sum total of all likes (including the comments) is not counted for the badge as it consists of likes gained by other users as well.

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Take @Jet_Airways_995 stats for example

Oh ok then mods can close this

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