I do not know what this is

I was flying in Denver, and when the map can show me these two red circles, if anyone can tell me what this is, I’d appreciate it. Thank you

They are permanent TFRs set up to prevent people from flying heavies into KASE and KEGE.

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Those are restricted TFRS for anything larger then the A321 and B757, which cannot and don’t land in real life at those airports.

Its a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) Basically I think you fly aircraft bigger that 757 dont quote me on the 757 part though.

It’s a Temporary Flight Restriction also known as a TFR,it’s for those two airports KEGE and KASE.If you click on the airport then click on the red lettering that comes up it lets you know that the max aircraft size into those two airport is a 757 or an a321.

Ok thanks for your answer

I saw these and they are staying until 2066. What if you really did land a a380 there?

You would be ghosted if it was on the Expert server and if there was ATC.

I think you get the main points but in case anyone forgets, use this for future reference TFR's and NOTAMs For Aircraft Restrictions