I do not have the Virgin Atlantic 787-9

I was going to fly with a 787-9 Virgin Atlantic and look for it many times in the 787 section and I did not find it. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it still does not appear. Do you know why this happens to me?

Have you bought the 787-9, or have an IF pro subscription?

I have a subscription

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Idk why it wouldn’t show up…

Hit “Restore purchases” and also try and restart your device.

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Ok the reason it is not showing up is because you need to hit the arrows beside the aircraft:


I know that. When I said “I don’t know why it wouldn’t show up” I meant that if it didn’t show up I wouldn’t know why. I probably should have specified that.

wow thank you very much, I already have the Virgin 787-9 by the arrows


Glad to hear that! Enjoy flying the 787! Now just hit the solution check by my post and a mod will close the topic shortly.

how this? …