I discovered Flying Development Studio's first game

Putting this in General as it’s not an app for infinite flight or something so it cant be third party OK HERE WE GO

SO! we all think the Infinite flight is the only game FDS have created! right?!? while they sure poured their heart and soul into this, and this is what we know them for, something just didn’t add up, Flying Development Studio is a company, what kind of company creates one game?

With this question In mind I went digging, desperate to find more information on the looming mistery of what came before infinite flight, I searched the app store, Nothing, Google play store nothing, I decided to call up my buddy

Detective Meep

together me and him scowered the very last traces of online to find this first game, Still no luck, I was beginning to loose hope, but then something hit me, The clue must be in Infinite flight somewhere, surely a company wouldn’t ignore their previous games right? Logging into infinite flight and looking at the closest details what I found will shock you.


BUT WAIT! what if the clue is not infinite flight but the Trailers for Infinite flight, I felt I was getting somewhere, I went on FDS’s youtube channel and saw the global trailer


The next one after that was the multiplayer trailer, this was released in 2014, wait

2017-2014 = 3

but why 3? there are only 2 trailers on that channel, UNLESS! there is a third trailer not on this channel, I finally found the trailer, on an old channel “flyingdevstudio” this is the channel that must have belonged to FDS beforehand. The channel used to be a source for information on old updates on infinite flight. it is pretty much abandoned now. Don’t tell me that it is a coincidence that the trailer was released in 2013



I think were getting somewhere, were moving further back in time this is a good thing, but we are still in 2013 a full 2 years into infinite flights development! we need to go back through their videos and go to the oldest video they uploaded, the one uploaded before Infinite flight was a thing, Ladies, and gentlemen, I present to you the video that all my several minutes of research and connecting the dots as lead to, the game has been revealed.


so yeah apparently this was FDS’s game before they created IF, I learned a new fact today, I wonder if you guys knew this, as far as I know, the game is no longer avaidable, but yeah I just decided to put this finding in a sort of conspiracy detective style to make it fun, tell me how you guys liked that.

one thing before I go

this is Not meant as a poor topic as in my opinion this is a pretty cool find and I am pretty sure none of the community knew this existed, tell me what you guys think of this :)


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There is already other posts about this. Interesting app though. Wish I could play :/


Are you guys really that intrigued about finding a 5 year old game that doesn’t even work anymore? Infinite Flight is sooo much better. Fact.


Dang, I even search the apps name this time, and I found nothing, Oh well, I may still keep this up as it adds a nice detective appeal ish sort of thing

of course IF is better, it still is pretty cool to find something that little people probably know about XD

Hmm. Creativity before the start of real sims.

Love the way you wrote this and found everything out, just a bummer it was done before you. Still a smashing read!

@Delta_Alpha_Lima Infinite Flight is £5 and that game is free, so maybe that’s the reason.


I remember playing a game very similar to this, same concept although a few little differences in the UI.

If you were here on the forum or have followed Laura on social media for a few years, this would not be a surprise.

One that is really passionate about their main product and wants to focus exclusively on it to ensure it’s the best it can be :)


I know XD that stattement was mainly intended as a joke,

PLZ I would much rather you guys spend the time on IF and making it better

rather than becoming



Please don’t tell me you don’t know about Infinite Runway either.

no I know infinite runway XD

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“What” is spelled with only: one “W”, one “H”, one “A”, and one “T”. And only one exclamation and question mark is needed.

If you can’t think of anything else to add to your post, don’t post a reply.


I think he was trying to say it in a suprised way like an


type of way, that is at least what I got form it

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Sorry about that!!! I just wanted to kinda say “OMG” but got it.

Seems pretty cool but Infinite Flight is so much better :)

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