I disconnect from the live server when I leave the app

So because I’m in the EZYVA, I use slack and I use it during group flights to chat to the other people. When I change the window, keeping the IF window running, I disconnect from the live server and I cant reconnect for at least another 4-5mins. Is there a solution to this?

I suggest opening Slack on another device if you have one. Otherwise you can multitask if you have an iOS device and open Slack on top of IF.

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When you leave the app the game is put into the background, and you can be disconnected after a short while, and after a few minutes can be kicked from your online session if you arent able to gain back your own connection on a fault that isnt with IF.

Even having the Slack window clicked on as the primary focus, Infinite Flight would be the secondary app, in the background of another (being Slack).

IF must be the primary focus and not be in the background to remain continuously connected.

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Oh :C In that case this can be closedddd