I didn't know what to do ATC HELP

Ok I was on expert server The guy atc was very good IFATC in all… but I was doing remaining in the pattern so I would lift off and he would say like number 2 traffic to follow is on final… so I would keep on going along to follow and he said please follow instructions 2x and check tutorials on forum using atc instructions!! I felt so bad I’m not mad at him he was doing a great job just wanted to know what I was doing so poorly

Provide more information… what airport? Who was the controller etc


Did you enter from the wrong side maybe?

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When you say keep on going did you keep flying straight from the runway?

It was Quad City and the controller had weird name like
Flo R Lg
Something like that

Best is always to just PM the IFATC

No I went around on pattern

I will get him to PM you. No need to discuss this anymore :)


His name was super hard like crazy spaced so I looked it up but it wasn’t on here

Sounds to me as if you’ve departed straight out instead of flying a downwind to the runway in order to fly the pattern, that’s probably why.


I went downwind on the pattern

Thank you Im Not mad just want to know so I won’t do it again!!!

Did you follow correct left/right traffic?

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He said enter left traffic I use appr and tried to hit left traffic

Any other instructions he gave you? Extend upwind maybe?

Turn base that’s all

I’ll PM you shortly


But I turned base!!!

Ok cool Flo no problem

Appr? What do you mean? Autoland? The button that says APPR?

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