I didn’t received the update

Hello !
I didn’t received the New update , is there Any problem ?

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If you are on iOS Infinite Flight won’t be releasing it until they are confident with the release on Android.


You just have to wait if your are under IOS.

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Have android users already got the update? because I was confused as to whether the post that Jason posted was announcing the updates release or just giving us more information?

Yes Android has already got the update.


Do we know when it will come to our apple app stores?

When Infinite Flight’s confident with it.

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I’m on iOS, and I just (20 seconds ago) updated my app.

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strange… I did not get the update and I am on android. maybe I have to wait a little longer

Which device do you use?

note9 is my device

I guess you got It now?

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Go on the actual google play store (on Google, press open in new tab and go to that tab) then find and click on infinite flight it might open up the Google Play Store App with the new update.

Ok thanks I will try it now.

Welcome to the community Jack!

What did you mean by this? 😃
As in referring it to?

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Nothing… It did not do anything

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Thanks! I meant he probably got the update now? Cuz now both IOS & Android users have It. Right?

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Android was released yesterday. IOS is in the progress if not already done.

@JK_330 If this doesn’t work after a certain amount of time, make a post and I’m sure others will. e there to help you. Just double check you’ve not already got it updated.

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If you have multiple accounts on your device make sure you are logged in to google play with the account you downloaded IF with.

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Yessir I was already logged in. I did get the update though, a couple hours later but its worth the wait… thanks for the reply