I did it again 👀

Today, I went spotting again (my 2nd time). I am still a complete noob and basically just shoot without adjusting anything ^^ This time I was even more excited because I am flying my very first long-haul tomorrow and I can’t wait!
However, my allergy did bother me a lot today and even though I went to the airport pharmacy to get some medicaments it was still a pain…

One: My first time spotting an Air Canada B787-9 which flew to Toronto (or Montreal?) I believe. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I haven’t caught up to the summer schedule yet and I also couldn’t use FR24 because I had to sneeze every 2 seconds…

Two: The photo I am the happiest about, the A220-300. This was my first time spotting my baby but I only managed to catch it, as this particular aircraft currently operates wet-leased flights for Eurowings Discover and hence taxied closer to me to T1. The regular airBaltic A220s coming from Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Tampere park at T2.

Three: Corendon has leased some A320 to cope with a sharp increase in demand. Here it can be seen taxiing in front of a Lufthansa CRJ900 which I assume parked in the T1 apron because the T2 parking spots were full.

Four: My first time seeing a German Airways Embraer E190. German Airways is a lease-specialist and probably flew this aircraft for Lubeck Air, but I am not 100% sure.

Five: The winds were opposite compared to my last visit, so this time I got to see more landings as this Lufthansa A350s in the old livery.

Six: Because the visitor terrasse in T2 reopened on June 1st for the first time since 2020, I also went there to get a view of the T2 apron. However, I underestimated how visible the glass reflections would be. But I still wanted to show you my first photo of an SIA A350 spooling up its engines in front of many Lufthansa A350s parked at the Satellite Terminal on the other side of the Apron.

Seven: For some reason a lot of aircraft from Southern destinations arrived at the northern runway today so I got a “close-up” of a Tui B737-800.

Eight: United was one of the first airlines to ramp up its service to Munich again and so we now also get the B77/ again. This probably departed to SFO or IAD.

Nine: A Vueling A320neo also came in on the northern runway.

Ten: Seconds later, you can also see two Finnair A350s parked that are used by Eurowings Discover. In the background is a Eurowings Discover A330 and in the front, you can see a leased aircraft operating for Condor.

I hope you liked my pictures!


Epic shots dude! What airport is that?

Munich I think

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It is Munich (EDDM/MUC) Intl

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Those are some schmexy photos :3. Keep it up!

Thanks mate!

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What flight are you flying?

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