I Did It Again... Spotting From the LFPN Control Tower

Hello everyone,

I went spotting today.

I went to Toussus le Noble airport with my friend and neighbor @A-FitzGerald and we climbed up to the roof of the tower to go spotting.

I’m not gonna write a lot today because I’m hungry

Airport: LFPN
Date: 5/3/2023
Server: Casual 🤣

First off is this old Vtail Bonanza starting up and flying off to somewhere warm

Here is a splendid Diamond DA40 doing pattern work

A small, weak and old airplane with a ridiculous livery AND A NAME???

This very funky livery for a very funky plane

A splendid little red thing that was very quiet

A Cessna 182 doing… stuff

Here is a helicopter. The pilot was not having a very great time. Also it’s weird seeing a heli from above

A very boring DR400 which is a plane I am growing increasingly fond of

A questionably registered plane doing some HARM to it’s front gear

Last and least, this beauty that flew from Biarritz and then took off to Morocco

Thank you for having a look
See ya soon


Also nobody cares but my JP username is IFC-Robertine


Nice photos!

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I don’t see multiple planes inside of eachother and on the runway though….


I think it’s cool that the DA40’s wingtips are painted red

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Well actually we had a case of a go around because of planes on the runway and one guy that landed on the wrong runway :P

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🎵 Oops! … You Did It Again🎵

I can’t help but think that this is a mini warthog with those eyes and the teeth.


It did BRRT… with its engine

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Great photos! I enjoy these topics

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Did you know that Laura landed there at least once?

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Having spotted her landing there, yes :P

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