I did a thing...

I have been a member for some time now… did a discovery flight at my local airport. Bought a Logitech extreme 3D joystick. Flew a bunch of hours GA using VORS via IFAssistant. Learning a lot via fly8ma (see his website and YouTube channel for a free online ground school!).

Recently had the benefit of a bonus from work. Did a thing, pretty expensive thing; and although it’s a huge learning curve again it’s been an absolute joy to play with. My new Saitek Yoke, thrust, and rudder setup.

Long story short if anyone runs a Mac and wants to parallel a joystick and has any questions using LiveFlight please hit me up!

I plan to fly around the world in a TBM when I’m a little smoother with all the new control points.



This looks amazing, definitely going on my birthday wishlist.


Woah, looks nice!

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That’s a ton of awesome gear, I wish I could afford it all! next step: buy XPlane 11?


Gotta build a Windows rig first! :/

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Looks awesome! Could you provide the links from where you bought all the equipment?

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Looks cool

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Nice bro!

I got a similar setup right now with my Samsung

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That’s super cool! That’s quite the setup you got there!

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Really cool setup! I also have the Saitek Yoke, thrust and rudder peddals.

How did you get the rudder to work, as I can’t get mine to work?

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I want that kind of thing sooo badly

First thing I need to get is a part time job

But I love that flight sim setup

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looks at bank account


Nice setup by the way!


Amazing job!

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Everything was ordered from Amazon sir.

@Chris_Wing It honestly worked the first time I set it up. That being said the brake portion if pressed slams the ailerons to the right. Do you get any input from the pedals at all? (And I assume you are running the most current version of LiveFlight?) I did restore control settings to default in IF. Then I reset axis on LiveFlight and calibrated them. Then back into IF and tapped use network controller. Hope any of that helps!

It also took some time to get the settings right.

0 ms delay in LiveFlight advanced settings.

No null zone and full sensitivity seems to be optimal so far.

Planning on doing much more testing (possibly on the TS!) after work today.

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This is my setup too

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MaxAsks: Neat stuff your total cost Pls @Edward_Fish.

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For the iPad stand, iPhone charging dock, and Saitek system: 450~

iPad Air 2 and 2015 MacBook Pro prices not included! ;)

Also not accounting for the Pro Subscription, or the IFAssistant in-app purchases, LiveFlight subscription, ForeFlight subscription…

I have apparently made this a very expensive hobby over the years.


That’s some setup! I bet it brings even more enjoyment to the experience.

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Nice! I have that yoke and throttle. It’s very useful!

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This is silly, but my favorite thing so far is taxing with my feet. The realism it brings is pretty incredible!