I descended way to fast| KHOU-KTPA


I did another flight for my infinite passenger Virtual Airline (Blue Sky Air) the route was KHOU-KTPA. The flight time was 1:32. Here are the pics!

Parked at the gate in KHOU


Silly me decided to take off on the WRONG runway. It was to short, but luckily I was able to rotatate out of there

One hour cruise at FL350

On short final!

Didn’t look to bad of a landing, but IF operations said it was -398

We made it to Tampa! @RealLukejw, who is in the background, was parked at the wrong terminal 💀

I sadly don’t have a pic of the IF passengers.
Which one was your favorite

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Okay that’s all
Rick Astley


How fast did you decend?

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Well VNAV had me descend at -3600 so…

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