I Decided to Buy a Yearly Subscription of Infinite Flight Live

As a college student, $50 is a lot of money for me. Nonetheless I decided to buy a yearly subscription for Infinite Flight Live. Why? I just bought a monthly subscription just to try it out and I have to say, I am fairly impressed with what the devs have come up to give Infinite Flight this realistic feel on such a limited platform. People might come up and tell me “Ohhh, FSX is way better then this”. Which might be the case but considering how Infinite Flight is for a mobile device while FSX is for computers, it’s a pretty close race.

Wtf is wrong with people:

Look at the speeds
Yall gotta slow down dayum


I had monthly subscriptions for around three months before deciding to get the yearly subscription it didn’t matter as I had bought most of the planes before live came out but when I got the first monthly subscription there is no going back to solo flight, I remember seeing other planes and I got so happy 😂, it’s been well over a year now since I first got it

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When i got my monthly subscription i was like
Holy sh-- fds
If you look back at the evolution of Infinite Flight…

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Like AmericanAirlines said, once you get to advanced, you’ll be amazed with the professional flow of aircraft on all the airports.

Ya atc playground sucks :/
I see people taking off at runways without permisson when im on finaly approach and people going 700 knots at FL200 lol

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I am about 2000 XP from advanced, but I still enjoy playground.
It’s not like every single plane is at 500kts at FL100, its a bit messy but not terrible.
I am looking foward to advanced though

7k xp til advancedi cri everytime

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