I’d like to learn more about the process to join the IFATC

Hey folks,

Imma newbie here, I’m really eager to know the proceess of becoming expert server atc controller. I have been playing IF since December 2018 .I thought reaching grade 3 could make me an expert sever controller but uhm no :(.One of my frnd told that expert server controller do need to take a test so can I get the procedure ,I hv a brief knowledge of atc and hopefully I can crack it. Also I have over 900 atc operations in if :)

You will have to take a written and practical test to join IFATC.
I’ll provide you with a link of recruiters, who will set you up with a link to the test.

After completing the written test, you can/will undergo training to be able to pass our practical test.

Once these two tests are completed, you will have access to Expert ATC. :)

There is a number of tutorials here on the forum and on YouTube. I’d suggest you check them out before contacting one of the recruiters.


Study “The perfect ATC” test and you’ll be fine. Study the others too, but the Perfect ATC test is the way to go.
Get a trainer too, they’re there for a reason.
Good luck

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Yeah I have went through the ATC playlist present in Infinite Flight’s you tune channel.I have seen almost all the videos and my uncle is also a rl ATC so I guess he can teach me more :)

Thanks for help,much appreciated!

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So I fontacted a recruiter a few days ago, send a second message just to check in with him, but havent gotten a reply. Any suggestions?

We get busy sometimes. Make sure you sent him all the required information and documents.

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I did, I will wait a few more days

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Sounds great! Shoot me a PM with the required information and I´ll set you up

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Good luck!

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