I created a YouTube video and would like some opinions

This is a YouTube video on a flight from Tokyo to New York on a ANA 777-300ER,

Just want some feedback so I can improve in future!!!


Nice video! I suggest using InShot for some amazing video effects, you can also upscale to 60FPS even when you record on 30.

Great thank you mate!

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No problem!! :D

I do use 60fps but it seems to lag when I record which means the quality decreases…

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It looks really good!

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I’ll DM you some tips and tricks that I use to make it not lag. Also it will be easier to record it.

appreciate that dude

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Awesome video… I recommend to not use the scenic view as much as you do now and use the free/exterior cam instead. You can create really good cinematic shots with that.
Also make the shots shorter, so they are not so long. If you want people to stay entertained throughout the video, a faster pace is good.
Just remember to keep posting videos and they’ll get better with time!


Hey Cova!!! I’m a big fan :D

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Thanks! I appreciate it

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Great Channel btw!!!

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Great, Thank you mate!

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I would recommend fly over some more land, and possibly show outside on the tail cam a little bit more

Channel looking nice for sure, bravo. Salute

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Thanks, your welcome!

thank you dude appreciate it


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