I could use some advice

If you are going to fly a ten hour flight, what time should I take off?

Also, what 13-14 hour flight would you recommend?

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You should fly at night. Give yourself about half an hour to get into the air and about an hour to prepare to descent. The time will fly since you will be asleep lol


I do long hauls every night with a friend


I take off right before I go to sleep so I can wake up and land. I recommend Singapore (WSSS) to Luxembourg (ELLX).


Just take off before you sleep and a flight that would be 13 to 14 hours is from Dubai OMDB to New York KJFK

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I would recommend SFO-SIN, it’s a 14-hour flight and it’s over the pacific ocean!

Make sure device stays on at night though. Your flight will end if you close app or turn off your device for an extended amount of time

I will try this flight soon, but what aircraft would you recommend?

any large aircraft will suffice. If you want to be realistic I would look up what flights go that route.

Happy Flying

777 that’s the one Emirates uses

I recommend México City (MMMX) to Tokyo-Narita (RJAA) on the Boeing 787-8. Takes about 14 hours on and has nice scenery throughout. Make sure you pack enough fuel!

If you do plan on leaving your device on all night, turn the volume and brightness down and set your camera to the scenic view to avoid pixel damage.

Fly right before you fall asleep and leave time for your descent, when you wake up, you should be near your destination! Tip: Lower Brightness saves battery life!

I tend to start a 13-14 hours flights at 7:30pm and 10 hour flights at 8-9pm. Also i make sure you turn the graphics to low and low power mode on in IF settings.

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