I could see another region from my region!

I was flying around the Amsterdam region on TS1 a few minutes ago. I saw a gathering of aircraft way outside the region, and to my surprise, some of them were flying at normal speeds, and accelerating. I started to fly out to join them, and then I checked LiveFlight. It showed me as the only plane outside the region, so I checked the London region and guess what? The same aircraft that were on my map in IF, inside the Amsterdam region were actually in the London region. Some screenshots:

In this last picture, you can see me flying out of the Amsterdam region and the same aircraft that were flying in the pictures above. What amazes me the most, is that the positions of the aircraft in the above picture and the middle picture are the same. I could clearly see nearly a dozen aircraft from another region in my region. Very, very interesting…


Was cross regions confirmed long time ago without our knowledge? 😂


It’s always been like this. What you are seeing is planes from another region. The map basically shows the whole world, but it grays out everything but the current region… Nothing new :)


Then how come I could see those planes?

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I just told you. The map shows the whole world, including planes. The scenery is simply greyed out.

That’s server based. You’re on the same server, but flying in different regions. You’re still there together. :)


I’ve never seen that before. I’ve flown around the Southern California region and never seen planes from the San Fran region, even with the map zoomed out and with me scrolling like crazy.


I saw this in Chicago and Oskosh region the other day. I tried to fly out to him but no luck :(

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This has been mentioned before. Nothing new here.


Nothing new.

Something I’ve not seen before…surprising

You were seeing Londoners from the Hollanders region.