I contacted EIDW Tower for runway crossing. Tower told me to switch to ground

I was conducting Saudia 4502 Heavy from EIDW-EDDM earlier using a Saudia MD-11F at 1600Z today, 30th of May 2020. I switched to Tower when requesting crossing an active runway (RWY16) because it’s the protocol as per real life and as far as I know, it’s TOWER that manages active runways and not GROUND.

The question is, why was I switched to ground when the correct procedure for requesting an active runway crossing is to contact tower?

This happened in the Expert Server in between 1600-1603Z.

1600Z is in 1 hour, can you find the exact hour? I may be the controller

Hello! When tower and ground are controlled by 2 different controllers it’s often common for the tower controller to decide who has crossings for runways. It won’t always be the same and you should just follow their commands and you will get to your gate safely.


Sir, Zulu clocks (DST) as of that moment was 1600-1600Z (UTC+1 DST), please correct me if I’m wrong.

The current Zulu time is 15:14


I was crossing the runway to make departure, please enlighten me since all I know as of now is that it’s [often] Tower that decides whether a plane can cross an active runway or not…

Solid copy, I stand corrected. Thank you!

If a runway has no line for departures and only has arrivals the Ground Controller often does crossings.

I’d presume you were departing from 28? If so if you are already tuned into Tower you can just request departure from 28 and departure clearance can give you clearance to depart and cross the runway. This is how they do it IRL at Dublin

Sir, I was taxiing to RWY16 using the MD-11F mentioned above, and RWY16 was the departure runway at Dublin by the time I was instructed by Tower to switch back to Ground. Multiple aircraft were waiting in line for departure using the above-mentioned runway at that time

EDIT: I was coming from the remote ramp across RWY16/34, hence the need to cross

Ah ok so you were parked at the west apron and needed to cross 16 in order to use the full length of the runway for takeoff?

Yes sir, that is correct! ^

I’ll give my part. If tower asks you to switch to ground do it and request a crossing again and do what ground says. Happy Flying

Just remember that you should not change frequency unless instructed to do so

“Contact Tower when ready” means to switch to tower when you are ready for departure, you weren’t because you had to cross the runway, I’d say that’s why the controller told you to contact ground because tower controls departures and aircraft on approach. I’m not the controller so this is just a guess :)

@theatisianpilot… MaxSez: WRONG! Research before you jot is suggested. You Apparently don’t understand how the ATC is Structured. GOOGLE and the Tutorials are your friend. Ground controls all Ground movement OFF the active.



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