I come here to express an opinion, something I always wanted to ask

Sure, I think we all already knew that, but is it too much to ask for a reason for the exclusion of certain liveries in game, they seemed to be able to quickly sort that out with the concord, how about providing a straight forward response for why a livery couldn’t be included. All it takes is a simple phrase. “Copyright issue, Technical limitations, etc”

Edit: Appreciate no one discussing the “concept” or “future” liveries. Gotta avoid that heat, how can you defend those. 🤫


It’s done as an an option to cater for everyone. Yes, they might not be hugely common to see because not everybody uses them. But if you don’t want to use them, don’t use them. Based on that though you could then also argue that they shouldn’t bother with GA aircraft as an overwhelming majority of IF users fly mainly airliners. Infinite Flight wants to cater for everyone’s tastes and needs. I personally love flying old liveries, just as much as the new shiny liveries. It’s all about being inclusive for everyone and having a variety of aircraft 😁


The older liveries and aircraft are what make infinite flight enjoyable. I would much rather fly an old livery like the VARIG 777 or get to fly the MD80 much more than the A350 or the A220, in any livery.

Point being, I’m extremely grateful for these liveries, and I know I’m not the only one.

Thank you devs for your hard work!

I’m going to take a dive into the deep end here. It’s pretty much the same as mentioned with the older liveries.

There are people out there who don’t care for realism as much as others (like me). We don’t care if the plane is not actually been delivered or not, or even it the liveries actually are going to exist, we just want to fly a good looking livery on routes we like.

Others can imagine themselves as a pilot in the future flying one of these planes.

There are probably many other scenarios, but there will always be people out there who use and care for these liveries that may not be realistic.

Just my opinion 🙃


I appreciate your point and well done for actually creating a lengthy and well structured reply. However, why is it that Infinite Flight should prioritise modern liveries? If you look at it from the perspective of people who fly old liveries, why shouldn’t they prioritise those over modern ones? It’s a tug of war between the two and I think the developers do an extremely good job at balancing it out.

And @Key I couldn’t agree more! It’s great fun!


The votes in #features speak. A feature request with a classic livery from the Americas or Europe will do way better in attracting views than a request from Africa, China(which is very surprising as I’d think it has many IF users) or even the Pacific.

Until this changes, then, we can’t expect the selection of liveries to change. Sad, but it’s life 😕

It’s still the same issue that results in airlines like AA and BA having their whole fleet(except the AA A319 and BA 788) in the sim, while other airlines like Oman and Kenyan only have 787s despite having other fleet types e.g the 737.

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It was either Marc or Seb who made a great post on this a little while back. What I can recall from said post is that the point of a flight simulator is to allow you to do thing you simply cannot do in real life. After all, we wouldn’t be here if we could fly a real A350 from anywhere in the word any time we please, would we? The addition of fictional liveries enables people who liked and continue to like that aircraft the possibility to fly it on historic routes. Besides, with such a beautiful livery like VARIG, who wouldn’t want to fly that beauty? 😍


Yes that’s true actually - you need to see where you’ve come from, to see where you are now and how far you’ve moved forward. In this case from the old airliners (DC-10s and so on) to the brand new modern A350.

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Everything @Aceorbit said is true.

It should be noted that US & some European airlines are clearly the main focus for the developers. Aside from the many missing Asian airlines you’ve mentioned, Central and South American ones receive very little love.


  • Aeromexico has been around since 1934, is one of the largest operators of B738 and E190, but as narrow body planes we only have the B737 they barely use anymore and the B752 which handles poorly (and has been retired for many years). They have two variants of the B787 but only one in the simulator (many other [mainly North American and European] airlines in IF have their livery on different variants of the same aircraft).
  • LATAM and Avianca have large & varied fleets but we only get a couple planes in IF. Avianca is the oldest airline in the Americas and the second oldest in the world, so not just some little random airline.
  • Interjet has existed for several years but has never been added to IF despite their operating just 1 aircraft type, which was recently reworked, the A320 family. (not including the Sukhoi Superjet bc it doesn’t exist in IF anyway)
  • I am sure my Brazilian friends have their grievances about Azul having such a small representation in IF

Moving away from Latin America: Alitalia changed their livery literally 4-5 years ago, but we still have only 2 planes in old livery on IF (forget the Embraers, A319s, A320s, A330s and B773). American, Alaska, United, Aer Lingus, on the other hand, all got their new liveries in the game within weeks or months. (Alitalia has operated the Airbus A320 family for as long as many IFC members have been alive; Alaska just started when they took over Virgin America). I could go on and on…

So I do understand the point of this post. Legacy/old liveries are cool, but I personally agree the priority should be on the what we see flying every day (not everyone cares about realism but so much time on this forum is spent talking about realism so…more realistic liveries would help).


I 100% agree with this. The devs should be prioritizing current flying liveries before any extinct airline (cough VARIG ). I was really hoping to see a Schischuan Airlines A350, or at least an Air China, and was definetly expecting them to add the SAA livery. Obviously, we got a United Airlines and Afriqiyah A350 (something I doubt the better part of the community has even HEARD OF!)

I was definitely disappointed at the livery choices that came with 19.4

On top of all this, there are airlines out here in the features category that have over a hundred votes. But instead, they go ahead and add airlines that barely even reach that benchmark (VARIG).

I think the devs should take a hard look at some of the things requested instead of adding random liveries that aren’t even in existence yet. I am still failing to see an Austrian Airlines long hauls aircraft (granted this is likely to come in this 20.1 update), but I am astonished it took so long in the first place.

In the end however, we can all agree that the devs have put in a lot of time and effort in these liveries. If you think about it, I would rather have a very detailed extinct airline livery than a sad-looking current one. Let’s all just wait an see what is coming with 20.1, as there sure will be a ton of airlines to choose from, both flying and extinct!

I don’t know, just pitching in my 2 cents! 🙂


I’m so confused you’re saying United Airlines isn’t heard of?

Wh-? Ho-? Huh?

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He said Afriqiyah is unheard of, not United…


Yes, I meant that the Afriqiyah Airline isn’t heard of, hence the word “something” (not plural) as well as the parenthesis being after Afriqiyah and NOT united as well.

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One thing to keep in mind to help you form your opinion is that liveries are the most expensive for us in terms of processing in multiplayer and server requirements. So, we can’t just keep our 3D artists on livery painting duty.

This statement is neither for nor against one argument or the other - just adding a fact. By having some retro once in a while along with MANY in service, we are helping to please the crowd who prefers to fly their favorite nostalgic paint scheme.


I will add… lots of opinions being formed (as is usually the case) without ever bothering to ask the most important question: “Why!!!”

Sometimes asking questions can land you at the best opinion without even so much as a disagreement :)


Aware! Thanks!

Aware! Thanks my friend!

Yes, this should certainly be prioritized.

thanks for your opinion!

As I’ve commented before, my only problem with a livery is if it is entirely made up. Thankfully, Infinite Flight doesn’t allow this. The occasional livery that might have existed on an airframe in the future but no longer will is an irritation, just because it detracts from the realism (to me). However, I will say that the developers have given us so many liveries to choose from, that as long as those futuristic “concept” liveries are kept to a minimum, I’ll be happy with as many modern and retro liveries as they can realistically create :)


I understand! thanks for your opinion!