I come here to express an opinion, something I always wanted to ask

Because making vows on old aircraft, we can cite an example to “VARIG” that has been out of operation for a long time. I believe that there is no fun in flying a painted aircraft or old airline that is no longer in operation.
We must focus on new things like the updated paintings of the airlines that still exist today. This is something I keep asking myself. (but I understand the side of some who knew these airlines that no longer exist today, and feel the desire to fly an aircraft with the painting of the old airline)


Im not sure why you made this post when you understand why some want older planes and liveries.


I support your opinion and express a similar sentiment. I wish they prioritized making aircraft liveries currently in operation before adding additional unique liveries.


As I said, I understand, more, even so I still think.

Yes my friend!

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Sure I guess but then aviation in the past gets completely trashed and we often begin to under-appreciate the aircraft that came about to mold the modern aircraft fleets of today.


Oh excelent opination!

Just don’t fly them if you don’t want to fly them 🤷‍♂️


The point is not to want to fly, but to give priority to what is new


Everyone has different tastes. VARIG and Swissair were some of the largest airlines in their regions during their reign, so they would be emotional/sentimental attachment to the liveries of those organizations. The thing about classic liveries is that they once existed hence many users would like to recreate classic flights.I’d rather a classic livery than a concept livery which is not confirmed by the real airline e.g the Air France 787-10 or UPS A330F.

Also remember that the aviation industry is very dynamic, so an airline flying today can easily be defunct.


Some of them could be requests in #features. I do not see any problem with having historic and current liveries. As mentioned above, if you dont want to fly them, then don’t.


Mau, thanks to opination my friend!


I repeat: The point is not to want to fly, but to give priority to what is new

It seems that people are missing the point, its not about flying them or not, but when Infinite Flight prioritizes liveries currently not in service instead of liveries that are, its a substantial issue. One of the main aircraft we see this in is the A350, where we have the United Livery (Due 2027), Afriqiya Livery (Likely to be cancelled), Aeroflot (Incorrect Color scheme), Aer Lingus (Transfered to Iberia), Emirates (Future delivery), KLM (Cancelled), instead of liveries from regions already lacking representation in the game already, for example, China is a big one. That region is already underserved and they couldn’t add Hainan, China Southern, Sichuan Airlines, or Air China? What about the starved Pacific regions? No Fiji airways? Its kind of crazy, and they mentioned they had a system where they could add liveries to the game without app updates, so are they going to use it at all to update or renovate mistakes or issues? They seemed to be able to do it with the Singapore A350, so what’s the excuse?

As last time, I expect this post to get shut down by moderators without providing any sort of remedy and response as well as certain members of the community rushing to defend their favorite game instead of seeing the bigger picture. So be it I guess but that will just go to prove a point of how the forum reacts to alternate opinions.


I agree on this - I haven’t seen this system used at all yet.

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Liveries take time to make and test out. With an update around the corner I’m sure they are most likely saving new liveries (if any not yet confirmed) for the 20.1 update to bring more to the addition list thus why we haven’t seen this in game addition but it has been used before. On the older livery side I understand your perspective but with users around the globe at different ages infinite flight has to make their liveries diverse. Older liveries may be in place for those who want to pretend to be in the past or do memorial fights for example. We have many up to date liveries and liveries being updated constantly so that seems to be a priority as well but older liveries should keep being built on to expand the diversity and fleet. It’s not a topic of if they are prioritizing one section more than the other though and here’s why. They have to satisfy both wants and needs from different customer perspectives and wants since Infinite Flight is a community driven company.


There are many reasons why a livery is not in Infinite Flight, for example…


Yes that is the reason why the developers don’t add the ANA Star Wars liveries for example.

But it is possible that some airlines have banned having their liveries included in a flight simulator.


You pretty much contradicted your whole post with that sentence in parenthesis lol. I think ppl just fly what they want and go in with their day. Infinite Flight is about pleasing all aviation lovers whether theyre retro or in the current.

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Just like how some don’t allow VAs to use their name.