I changed my google log in email adress can’t log in with new one

I changed my google email address since I have not been using the internet carrier for a long time and now can’t log back in with my new one as I have a valid account membership for infinite flight pro. Need help on this one please.

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Will do since I have about 6 moths left here and need the help big time

What happenes when you try to log in using your old e-mail

It says that it is not recognized

Please create a new Live account (without subscribing to PRO). Once that is done, please send an e-mall to support@infinite-flight.com containing the following information:

  • Last known callsign on your now inaccessible account
  • Last known callsign on your new account.
  • Proof of Live/Pro purchase (usually accessible via Play Store/App Store).

Staff will help you out as soon as possible.


Ok will do . Thank You for the quick response. I changed my google email address and now can’t access Infinite Pro and Live flight from my old account

Just follow my instructions and you’ll be fine!

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