I cant use the cockpit camera on the F-18

I cant use the cockpit camera on the F-18. The camera option simply doesn’t appears on the camera menu while inflight. This happened right after the new hotfix. Is this something that is happening to everyone or is this something that came in the hotfix?

Operating system:

Hi, welcome to the IFC. Unfortunately, cockpit view has been removed from the F18 along with the F-14, C-17 and B767. Luckily there’s a reworked F18 coming soon with a brand new cockpit for you to enjoy!


This is present with most of the “Legacy” fighters! Hopefully in the future when the reworks are complete the cockpits will be animated! This impacts everyone! So… it’s nothing on your side!



I can still use the spirfire and p-38 cockpit view. Maybe its different for everyone or something, is really weird

My bad, it’s the F-14, F-18, C-17 and B767 cockpit views that have been removed.

Why this I love the 767 even with the bad cockpit. I do most of my flying’s in the cockpit. I really think they should think about what they do a little more before they just take something away

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