I Cant use the ATC Playground?

I’ve been playing on atc playground for a couple of weeks now and since of today I went on and it said I was grade 1 and I have to be grade 2. I haven’t changed anything and I’ve played on it before. Can someone please help me I really want to play on it and I can’t. how can I fix this and why did this happen?

Maybe while you were flying on Live you made some violations and your grade was reduced.

@Sturmovik I don’t think he was meaning problem with Live ATC, that’s just the name of the server (ATC Playground). Moved back to Live for that reason…

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Also how could I bring that up then I can’t fly at all in atc mode so how could I bring it up?

There was an update that does this.

So how would I fix this?

Hi Lance,
A couple questions. Did you get ghosted or get violations recently?

Has anyone figured out those requirements yet @Carson

For grade 2… No idea


Yea we need to figure that one out to help answer these questions this is the first day I’ve heard of being kicked from the playground.

Hey guys I was never ghosted but I got like 2 taxing violations like three flights ago and that’s it. I can only fly on playground not atc

I’ve never seen a real life grade 1…

Something may have changed. I know that one ghosting now gets you demoted from grade 3 to grade 2 for 24 hours(that’s new)
@jreilly2311 you should probably check your stats ;)

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@Carson so how would I get to grade two from one what do I have to do?

No one knows man we don’t know what the requirements are now for that grade

Did you recently get ghosted?

I highly doubt it’s a ghosting issue as they were grade 2 and now 1 and we all know playground users don’t report.

No I haven’t I don’t think you can even get ghosted in atc playground

Ok, so did you get a lot of violations recently?