I can't use my planes

Hi I love the app and brought fifty dollars of planes but in the last update when I went to use them it said they I need to restore purchase but it won’t let me

If you know anything please reply

Try to delete the app, install it again, restore purchases and finally download the planes. If that doesn’t work please get back to me. :)

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Restore Purchases will only sync your device with the iTunes App Store to validate purchases on the currently signed in account ID. It does not facilitate any download or installation. iTunes has a wonky practice that confuses everybody, myself included when I first ran into this year’s ago.
If you sign in and touch the price “tag” as though you are about to purchase something, even though you know you already bought it, just continue onward and accept the “purchase” as long as you were not refunded, and are using the same ID, iTunes follows up with another message stating that you already own the item and can download again for free.
Why they don’t just show that message first? I have no earthly idea. The iTunes guys responsible for this process were clearly drunk when they decided confusing everybody was a good idea. ;)