I can't update


I get a wonderful global update, but I can not update it.

When I press “Update”, I get an error message…
Is it possible to solve this problem?
Thanks! (Sorry for my bad English.)

Samsung Galaxy S7 SC02H
Android 7.0

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Try deleting the app and re-downloading it!


What device are you using?

Does your Device support OpenGL 3.0 and have Android 5.0?


Thank you for responding!

I did it. But “Update” is displayed again, and the same error is displayed when it is pressed.

What device are you using? Your device may be incompatible.

Thank you for responding.

I use Samsung Galaxy S7.
Yes. This device supports OpenGL and Android 7.0.

The Update is being rolled out in stages (meaning some people will get it, others won’t…). See if you can restart your device and if you can try and update again

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Oh…ok. I understand.

I will wait.

Thank you so much!

I haven’t got the update yet, let me know if you’re able to download it yet!


Does your device have enough memory, are you on bad WiFi (or cellular settings are turned off), or does your device not support the system (iPhone 4, or older androids can’t support the update).

Mark and I have both just tested the install on our S7s and had no issue. Definitely restart device, then reattempt after a short period. Thanks!

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When they send an update they’re able to select what devices and software they want their app to be sent out to.

When will it be sent to S8?

It’s not sent based on device. It’s just a percentage of users and will continue to increase as we go. :)


Oh, fair enough- I just remembered when pushing updates I’ve sent to selected devices.

So I should probably buy my live+ before I update? >_>

I understand! Thank you very much.

I can’t wait! 😉

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Hey Tyler, I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and there is no update for Global yet.

It’s getting there. Thanks!

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