I can't update!

So for a while now I have been having issues updating IF. I am NOT trying to update to the A320 update, which isn’t out on iOS platforms. I am trying to update to version 15.08.03 but a few seconds after I press update it just goes back to saying UPDATE (would you like to update your app [it doesn’t say that < duh]). How can I resolve this?/What should I do?

What device are you using? your device may not support that certain update.

iPad 4
iOS 9.1 (I think, anyways it’s the latest version)

Try searching for Infinite Flight, not on the update page but on the store page, instead of saying “Open” it will say “Update” try updating it from there and see what happens, that sometimes works for me.

That doesn’t work either

Mine does this. It’s the subscription purchase issue update.

So when the a320 update comes out will I probably be able to update?

you might, if not then you might have to contact a developer or get a device that is a newer model than your current one.

The iPad 4 is less than 1 year old (I think)…

They came out in 2012. They were discontinued back in October 2014.

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That’s a strange one. Try this.
Delete Infinite Flight.
Plug into your computer that you have your iTunes on. Launch iTunes.
Then sync the device after going through the Apps and selecting Infinite Flight from your list of purchased apps. After the sync, you should have the last version of the app that you back up. If that happens to be the current version available in iTunes now, then it should simply just work now.
If not, then you’ll know because a update notification will show up on your iPad when you open the iTunes App Store. Update if needed, but don’t start a flight after it completes the download and installation. Instead, shut the power off the iPad. Then just start the iPad back up, launch Infinite Flight, and everything should be back to normal.