I can't update 21.5

Hello! I am a player of your game. My mobile phone model is vivo x20a. I just want to ask a question, why can’t most of us update after the release of 21.5? This has brought great trouble to those of us who support you! Please solve it!

Greetings, @LightAviation

This isn’t Infinite Flights fault, it’s most likely your application store still hasn’t verified the update or your device isn’t compatible, I would recommended contacting your manufactures support, because once again, Infinite Flight nor the community can do anything about it.

Thanks for your question though! Good luck,


Thanks.I saw

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Not true. We’ve summarized information about this below:

Most commonly is that Play Store services or the device itself isn’t updated or that the bootloader is unlocked.

Give it a go :)

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Ah ok, my bad about that.

OK.I saw.Thank you!

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