I can't turn or descent without ap

I was in appr and when I deactivated the ap it wouldn’t let me turn or descend. Does anyone know what happened?
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1btT0fFTz_oT3c30ijpeCrWIwoIXZrKVP/view?usp=drivesdk (video)

Did you have Heading enabled on the A/P?

No i turn off Ap and I cant do nothing, watch the video

Try re-calibrating again.

I tried but it’s the same

Looking at your yoke in the status bar, the app isn’t detecting your control inputs, meaning it could be something with your device.

I restart the app and it’s fixed but what should I do if that happens again?

Even when you manually turn, the plane still doesn’t turn?

Try recalibrating maybe

Yes idk why

I tried and same

Uninstall the app and reinstall it happened to me last week and it worked . I’m using iPad Pro latest IOS. Worked great after . Let me know .

When I restart the app it’s fixed but I don’t want to happen this again

Ok that is good. It should be fine and I would leave it at that . If it ain’t broke don’t fix it . Yes it’s an issue but I have had zero problems after the reinstall. You should be good to go .

Thanks for the help 😁👌

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You’re welcome keep cool it will work just fine for you and if it continues reinstall again but it should be good to go . Have a great weekend 😎

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I had the same issue even after uninstalling and installing the app and let me tell you that really sucked cause I was trying to do an event when it happened.

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