I Can't Think Of An Inspiring Title

Hey, everyone!

I have nothing to post today, so I’ll just be posting these mediocre pictures to get a few worthless internet points to keep my morale high during these trying times.

Just kidding :)

I’m a bit tired these days, sorry I haven’t been able to post as many spotting pics because I haven’t spotted a lot… recent events have been affecting me…

anyways, here are some low-effort shots from my backyard.

These were taken on the expert server over France with a Canon SX60HS

A 747 passing by the mountains

The same 747, still passing the same mountains, because I’m too lazy to spot different planes.

A Wizz Air A321NEO

A Fedex 777-200 from Memphis to Paris delivering all your important packages

The same 777, just zoomed out (feat some nice altocirrus)

One big, polluting Air France 777

The same one, making clouds in the clouds (feat yellow and blue)

Last but not least, an Emirates 777-300 crossing paths with a private jet

Thanks for watching… or looking? Idk
Now is your reminder to stop doom-scrolling on IFC and doing what you really need to do.




This man is a true Reddit user…


Haha how’d you guess?


Takes one to know one.


Where the hell is your backyard?


It is located in France

Le backyarde


here are your internet points goodbye


Wow nice shots! It would be cool to have contrails in infinite flight. Really nice

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Thank you very much, goodbye

Yes, I very much agree! And thanks :)

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Upmost Quality

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OMG Robertine these pictures are beautiful!!

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gives instant inspiration (it’s in a can)
Horrible pictures, do better

it’s opposite day

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