I can't take-off properly


I can’t take-off properly in Bombardier Dash 8-Q400??

When I get speed it moves off the runway and into the air with and without high winds.

If someone could help that would be great!!!

When this happens… Do you have autopilot on?!

I don’t have autopilot on.

Maybe you are moving your device after you calibrate it.


I’m not sure but you may have a certain heading selected for takeoff which will make you line up with the heading. The best thing to do is take off first and then select the heading you desire to travel in.


I’ll try that, thanks

Check your weight settings and try to use the rudder during takeoff (incase you have winds)
And don’t let your takeoff speed be too high.

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I don’t choose a heading until I’m in the air

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This can probably help you out a bit:


I usually take off within 120-140 knots, I’ll also check my weight settings

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Check your weight, be sure to calibrate your device and then keep it in the neutral position (the position in which you were holding it when you tapped Calibrate"). I recommend keeping your thumb on the rudder so you can hold her steady. Mind the winds and don’t use too much flaps. In my experience the Dash is excited to leave the ground, just keep it under control without over controlling.


Okay thanks, I’ll watch that

Use the rudder to control horizontal movement on the runwah

As Mark mentioned 115-120 depending on your weight

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I do use the rudder if I’m a bit off the center line, but it takes me off a lot!

Okay, I’ll try taking off at that speed

Make sure you use it very precisely! It takes some time to perfect that procedure. Keep practicing maybe offline without winds and slowly work your way up :)

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Thanks for everyone that helped me!!! @Balloonchaser @Declan_O @Daniel14 @Julius97 @schyllberg @Flightfan84 @Insertusernamehere

Thanks @Julius97 for the last tip!!!


You need to use your rudder on takeoff

I tried taking off in solo mode, it happened again, I calibrated it, checked weight, use rudder, it started drifting off around 90-105 knots